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Our strategy is based on an old premise: that currency and commodity price trends can be exploited. There are very few people who can predict market moves for any length of time with any real consistency, but mechanical trading systems, with proper risk control, can capture a portion of these market moves (trends) over time and provide reliable and consistent returns. Trends can occur in multiple time periods: Long term, intermediate term, and short term. Jim Hamer has utilized his computer programming knowledge to test and develop systems that show excellent results in each of these time frames. There are opportunities found in the three time frames but equally important, trading three different time frames provides a means of diversification. Approximately 60% of the funds are allocated to a long term trend following approach that, unlike typical trend following strategies, uses proprietary profit targets. This approach can provide profits even when short lived trends develop. 25% of the funds are allocated to shorter developing trends. This approach can and will earn profits on long term trends, but it reacts to trend changes quicker than the longer term.

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Michael Covel Trend Following Products

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