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David Druz
David Druz

Futures Magazine Article on David Druz:

Dr David Druz has been hooked on the futures markets since the moment he saw a fellow medical student turn $2000 into $500,000 in the great bean move of 1970. For the next 20 years Druz pursued a dual career, studying medicine in term time and carrying out research work for a brokerage company during vacations, and then, in 1981, setting up his first futures fund while practicing as an emergency doctor in Fairbanks, Alaska. Two years ago Druz retired from medicine and moved from Alaska to the Hawaiian island of Oahu, in order to devote more time to his twin passions of windsurfing and futures trading. The goal of his company, Tactical Investment Management (TIM), is, he says: To be good not big. We optimise for robustness, says Druz, because we want to be around for ever.

David Druz was a student of Ed Seykota:

Q. You have worked with legendary trader Ed Seykota [of Market Wizards fame]. What was it like trading alongside a master?
A. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. He is the smartest trader I have ever seen. I don’t think anybody comes close. He has the greatest insights into how markets work and how people operate. It’s almost scary being in his presence. I worked with him as an apprentice for about five or six months in 1991/92. It was tough surviving working with him because of the mental gymnastics involved. If you have a personality weakness, he finds it–fast. But it’s a positive thing because successful traders must understand themselves and their psychological weaknesses.


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