Enron Employee Feedback

Some words on trend following vs. alternative strategies – from a former Enron employee:

Greetings, I have examined and re-examined your website for over a year now, reading, studying and enjoying the straight-forward, no nonsense, a fact is a fact message that your site conveys; i.e. price alone is the sole determinant for initiating a trading decision. I wish I had learned of your site years ago. I would probably be a wealthier person. Being a former Enron employee, I totally agree with your statements regarding Enron’s stock price since early 2001. My fellow (former) colleagues have no one to blame other than themselves for allowing such disastrous losses to occur in their retirement accounts. An abdication of personal responsibility should not be rewarded. It is a sad consequence but it is reality. And now with all the hysterics over Worldcom, it proves, in my opinion, a couple of absolute truths regarding trading:

  1. Corporate stock prices respect neither opinion nor fundamentals.

  2. As long as people get sucked in by analysts’ rhetoric they will be forever playing a negative-sum game.

  3. The typical investor wants to be shielded from his bad decision-making (or lack thereof).

  4. Prediction is for…losers.

A trend follower probably saw the short signals at the beginning of 2002 for Worldcom, well before accounting irregularities surfaced. It is for these realizations that I wish to thank TurtleTrader. Your site is a breath of fresh air. You have convinced me that the mechanical, non-emotional, disciplined and systematic approach is the only way to trade. I refuse to be a lamb to the slaughter and will not trade until I learn this approach. I wish your site continued success.

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