Elliott Wave Hype Is Poison for Traders

Junk mail brought in a real gem regarding Elliott Wave. Take a read:

Just think how your trading profits would improve if what we say is true. Well stop dreaming, because…IT IS! We have collected statistical evidence that proves the Elliott Wave Analyzer 3 can accurately forecast market movement. This is the first time the Elliott Wave Principle has been “field tested” on real market data and not simply theoretical precepts. Thus the Elliott Wave Analyzer 3 truly takes the Wave Principle to a new level of dependability. These discoveries have phenomenal implications. You can capitalize on these discoveries immediately. Just imagine: You are sitting in front of your computer testing the results of the Elliott Wave Analyzer 3. You notice that 84.9% of the projections have come true when tracking the accuracy of particular Elliott Waves. This is not the first time. These findings have remained consistent while analyzing close to 5,000 random projections of 33 stocks of the S&P. What a powerfull tool and it could be yours. One day, traders all around the world will look back on this discovery and marvel at how it changed the face of trading forever. Why wait till then? Think of all the money you could be making before the masses catch on to this legendary forecasting tool. You NOW have the opportunity to own the Elliott Wave Analyzer 3 and test these results for yourself. It is as easy as that. We are convinced that you will be addicted to the Elliott Wave Analyzer once you have tasted the success of trading with 84.9% accuracy. You may have never heard of Elliott Wave Theory before. That’s fine. Even with limited knowledge of Elliott Wave Theory you can still read and understand the forecasts predicted by the Elliott Wave Analyzer 3. We have designed the software to appeal to traders with a range of skills and levels of understanding. Both beginners and long time traders love it. We confidently believe the Elliott Wave Analyzer 3 WILL be recognized as the world’s most accurate market forecasting tool for analyzing stocks, indexes, futures and commodities. Give it a try and share your excitement with us! What are you waiting for? Purchase the Elliott Wave Analyzer 3 NOW and start using the power of 84.9% accuracy in your trading today.

Don’t believe the hype of 84.9% accuracy. Why?:

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