Wizetrade v. Trend Following Trading

Some claim that trend following trading is no different than the infomercial Wizetrade™. For those who do not know or those living overseas, Wizetrade™ is an infomercial running non-stop here in the United States. It promises clear “signals” for buys and sells. Wizetrade™ doesn’t tell you how the signals are generated (it is a black box), it just tells you to buy on a “green” light and sell on a “red” light. This might sound very simple (and maybe plain stupid), but it is selling like crazy to those who think they have found a nice & easy alternative to buy and hold.

I don’t see how trend following, as described in my book, is the same as the infomercial Wizetrade™. However, it makes me wonder that even if a strategy such as trend following is described in detail, can everyone get “it”?

NOTE: Wizetrade™ is a Trademark owned by GlobalTec Solutions, LLP. We have no association with Wizetrade™. We do not offer or supply Wizetrade™ products or services.

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Michael Covel Trend Following Products

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