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Formal Name: Japan
Local Name: Nihon
Local Formal Name: Nihon Koku

Trend Following in Japan

Kingo Tanaka is one of the most successful traders in Japan. He is the developer of the long-term trend following program Dragon Horse, which earned a 102% return in 2000. Tanaka explains his returns by saying, I stuck to trend following. It was a common view that trend following did not work in Japanese commodities markets, but that was a conjecture never proven scientifically. While working at an Asian order desk Tanaka was able to analyze the tendencies of losing traders. He found two common characteristics. One was they tended to trade against market trends and two they used poor money management skills. Applying simple long-term trend following rules, Tanaka was able to develop a system that combated both problems. I was tired of seeing my customers lose money and get wiped out, said Tanaka, I wanted to help. Dragon Horse is named after the Chinese imaginary animal with a dragon head and horse body and is used to represent an outstanding person.

Trend Following™ Investment Research

Trend Following™ Investment Research is a publisher of trend following trading strategies reaching thousands of investors globally. Our unique edge is an extensive network within trend following, behavioral economics and risk management. This allows us to teach decades of outstanding performance. Our approach is to provide customers with a single product requiring no extra purchase. Delivering a comprehensive service of trading systems, risk management strategies and psychological guidelines allows our customers to trade in less than thirty minutes per day. Giving us your money is giving us your trust. And our goal is always to make sure that what we give you is more valuable than what you give us. That straightforward business principle is the foundation of our long-term relationship with all clients.

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Our highly ranked podcast Trend Following™ now reaches over one hundred eighty-eight countries with over 3.5 million listens. Guests (all guests) include world-class thinkers, psychologists, economists and traders.

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Michael Covel Trend Following Products
Michael Covel Trend Following Products

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