Trend Following in Australia: How to Determine the Correct Systems

Formal Name: Commonwealth of Australia
Local Name: Australia
Local Formal Name: Commonwealth of Australia

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An Introduction to Trend Following: Ideal for People investing in Australia

Systematic Trend Following

What is trend following trading? The first part is trend. That is very straight-forward. Every trader needs a trend to make money.

Following is part two of the phrase. Trend followers wait for a market to move first and then they follow it.

Now, some argue that the term trend following is too imprecise. Others use terms like global statistical financial analysis or managed futures to describe the strategy. That debate will not be solved here. If you do not like the phrase trend following, substitute your term as you keep reading.

Trend following trading is reactive. It does not predict market direction. Trend trading demands self-discipline to follow precise rules (no guessing or wild emotions). It involves a certain risk management that uses the current market price, equity level in your account, and current market volatility.

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Review trend following systems and training for investing in shares in Australia, stocks, and other commodities.

Michael Covel Trend Following Products
Michael Covel Trend Following Products

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