Superfund and Christian Baha: Top Trend Following Trader

Many people think that you can’t start a new trend following firm today. They think there is too much competition. Christian Baha thought differently in the mid 1990s and now today his firm Superfund is a billion dollar plus trend following firm. Nearly 10 years of impressive returns have given Superfund a worldwide client base:

Superfund’s origin dates back to 1991, when Christian Halper and Christian Baha developed a software system for the technical analysis of financial data. Within two years, this program became the leading provider of market delivery software in Austria. This success led to the development of the Quadriga Investment Group, created by Christian Baha in 1995. Today, the group has more than 280 employees worldwide. The quadriga Group launched its first alternative investment product for private investors on March 8, 1996 called the Quadriga Beteiligungs–und Vermogens AG”. In 2003 the Quadriga funds were globally unified under the umbrella brand name SUPERFUND. Today, the group has more than 1.5 billion dollars under management from more than 55,000 retail and institutional investors.

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