Jim Rogers: Top Trader and Market Wizard

Excerpt from an interview in Market Wizards by Jack Schwager:

Q. How did you first get interested in trading?
A. Investing. I stumbled onto Wall Street. In 1964, I had just finished college and was going on to graduate school. I got a summer job through a guy I met, who happened to work for a Wall Street firm. I didn’t know anything about Wall Street at the time. I didn’t know the difference between stocks and bonds. I didn’t even know that there was a difference between stocks and bonds. All I knew about Wall Street was that it was somewhere in New York and something unpleasant had happened there in 1929. After that summer, I went to Oxford during 1964-1966. Whereas all the Americans I knew at Oxford were interested in politics, I was more interested in reading the Financial Times.

More on Rogers can be found here. Who is George Soros? He has been a regular on CNBC over the years. Rogers appeared in Michael Covel’s film “Broke: The New American Dream”. Rogers was originally profiled in Market Wizards. He was a founding partner with George Soros in the Quantum Fund.

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