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Systematic mechanical trend following in all worldwide liquid futures markets.The fund uses the strategy of following and profiting from a price trend. GCT uses only technical, computer-aided trading systems.The technical trading system is used to recognize early trends and has been developed under particular recognition of a good relationship of profit and drawdown, to minimize the market risk.When several individual technical indicators match to a high expectancy entry signals, then a trade is generated. The risk of every trade is limited to a maximum of 2.0% of the capital, but most trades have a risk of only 0.6%, depending on the correlation to the other markets. As soon as a position is entered, there is always a protective stop, to take the position out of the market in a disciplined way, to either limit losses or realize gained profits. If the volatility in an open position increases too much, the trading system cuts back the position size, to keep our risk in predetermined ranges.

Quadriga principals include: Christian Baha and Christian Halper.

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Michael Covel Trend Following Products
Michael Covel Trend Following Products

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