Brian Gelber Profiled in The Market Wizards

Q. How did you get started in this industry?
A. After graduating from college in 1976, I backpacked around the country. In Salt Lake City, I answered an ad for a commodity broker position. I didn’t have any idea what it was, but I figured it was something like a stockbroker. I got my license while working for a guy who was basically running a boiler room operation. I got my license and quit. I bummed around for another few months, just working temp jobs to pay the rent. Then one day I walked into a Thomson McKinnon office and say, Hey, I have a broker’s license. The fellow said he would pay me $800 a month. All I had to do was go in and cold call; any accounts I opened would be mine. Around that time the Ginnie Mae market was just coming into its own. The traders at the Ginnie Mae desk taught me a few things, and I went out and opened almost every mortgage banker account in Salt Lake City.

Brian Gelber was originally profiled in the Market Wizards.

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