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An excerpt from Futures Magazine:

Keith Campbell was on his way to Hawaii in the 1960s when he took a job in California instead because he could both ski and surf there. When his roommate moved out of their California apartment to get married, Campbell placed a newspaper ad for a new one. His choice: Chet Conrad, a commodity broker. (Conrad) got me into trading as a customer, Campbell recalls. But he was always moaning he didn’t have enough money to trade. In 1971 Campbell put together $60,000 from 12 investors to form his first futures fund with three advisors–a fundamentalist, a bar chartist and a point-and-figure advocate. And he learned his first lesson: Do not make decisions by committee when trading futures! Another fund, the Campbell Fund, started in August 1971; Campbell himself took over trading it on Jan. 1, 1972. It is the oldest commodity fund still trading today. By the time Campbell, Isaacson and Conrad split up a few years later, Conrad had turned a borrowed $10,000 into $3 million with some gutsy trading in sugar and moved to Lake Tahoe, Nev.

Campbell and Co. is one of the oldest trend followers. Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, they have consistently been a high performer for decades. See chart of recent Campbell portfolio.

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Since its founding in 1972, Campbell & Company’s goal has been to achieve attractive levels of return for its clients while maintaining prudent levels of risk. We have consistently used the same disciplined approach to trading, while maintaining a continuous commitment to research in order to create new trading strategies and improve existing strategies. The results of our efforts have been gratifying, and Campbell & Company is now one of the largest futures trading advisors in the world. While there have been periods during which our clients have incurred losses, over the long run, an investment in Campbell & Company’s portfolios has produced attractive returns with reasonable volatility. While past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results, we are proud of the returns we have delivered to our clients.

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