Salem Abraham: Top Trend Following Trader

The following excerpts were taken from A Homespun Hedge Fund, Tucked Away in Texas. Salem’s Unique Location:

It would be hard to find a financial firm in the United States as removed from Wall Street, geographically and culturally, as the Abraham Trading Company. Housed in the same building where his grandfather, Malouf Abraham, once chewed the fat with local politicians and ranchers while building a sizable land-speculation business, the company has evolved into one of the nation’s most unusual trading operations.

Ivy League Degrees Not Needed:

No one at the company has an Ivy League degree. Most of the employees at Abraham Trading have backgrounds working at the area’s feedlots or natural-gas drilling and pipeline companies. Their training in the complexities of trading and arbitrage is provided on the job by Mr. Abraham, 37, who graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1987 with a degree in finance. “This beats shoveling manure at 6 in the morning,” said Geoff Dockray, who was hired as a clerk for Mr. Abraham after working at a feedlot near Canadian. “The financial markets are complicated but they’re not as relentless as dealing with livestock all the time.”… “Sometimes people have a tendency to resent a young guy who’s making so much money”,” said Jerry Parker, himself a hedge fund manager from Richmond, Va., who has been an investor in Mr. Abraham’s fund for the last five years. “I just think he has a lot of guts.”

Firm background from Abraham Marketing Documents:

Abraham Trading Company’s (ATC) trading approach draws upon Salem Abraham’s judgement, experience and his knowledge of the technical factors affecting various commodity markets and attempts to identify optimal trading opportunities. The approach is guided by multiple trading and risk management systems. The trading systems are trend following in nature and are based on classical technical analysis. The systems are applied uniformly to a diversified portfolio of global markets of which approximately 40% are financial in nature and 60% are physical commodities. ATC continues to conduct research in the areas of trading system development and risk management.

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