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Investors look to the Sunrise. Image by Erik Drost, CC license.


Sunrise management utilizes technical, trend-following systems, which trade a wide continuum of time windows. Most of these time frames are decidedly long term by industry standards. Pro-active money management strategies are designed to protect open profits and minimize exposure to non-directional markets. Their trading methodologies are executed pursuant to technical analysis emphasizing mathematical and charting approaches that have been either learned or developed by Dr. Davis, Dr. Forrest and/or Mr. Slaughter. Sunrise’s systems will attempt to detect a trend, or lack of a trend, with respect to a particular market by analyzing price movement and volatility over time. The system consists of multiple, independent and parallel systems, each designed and tested to seek out and extract different market inefficiencies on different time horizons.

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Kevin Bruce – Trader

Excerpt from Trend Commandments

Many trend followers do not achieve the highest returns possible, as they are often focused on accommodating clients who can’t stomach what is required to achieve the big returns.

Big numbers like those cause some irrational agitation. One person wrote me: “I am sorry but that performance is nothing amazing. I would say it’s ok, but not great.”

Don’t hate, congratulate! That critic’s thinking is not very bright. Passive aggressive you could say.

Better yet, consider compounding some of these numbers. For example, if you could make 50 percent a year, you could compound an initial $20,000 account to more than $616,000 in just seven years. Is 50 percent unrealistic? Of course it is. However, do the math again using 25 percent.

Think about this: Since October 1997, one trend following trader has produced annualized returns higher than 21 percent. To put that in context, if you bought Vincent van Gogh’s Irises in 1947, you paid $80,000. The next time it changed hands, in 1987, it was sold for $53.9 million. That seems like a huge increase in value, Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world.

The Trend Commandments book is available here.

Trend Following Systems

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