Neural Nets and Other Assorted Trading Hype

Neural Networks? You have probably seen the term over the years. We have assembled marketing hype from purveyors of this nonsense:

  • By analyzing global market relationships, we are able to forecast a market’s move in advance, so our clients can trade with confidence.
  • Neural trading systems are poised to change the nature of analysis performed on the financial markets. With the means to develop dynamic trading systems that can adapt themselves to changing market conditions, without the necessity of relying upon preconceived trading rules, this new sixth-generation trading technology has the potential to affect the way computerized traders apply technical and fundamental analyses to global markets of the 1990s.
  • Artificial neural systems are information processing models which mimic how the human brain processes information. They are modeled after the structure and function of the brain. Because they can generalize from past experience, neural systems represent a significant advancement over rule-based trading systems, which require a knowledgeable expert to define if-then trading rules to represent market dynamics.
  • Neural networks are perhaps the most significant forecasting tool to be applied to the financial markets in recent years.

Sounds great. Just like Elliott Wave, it sounds as if we can predict the market using new brain-trained computers. Give us a break!

It doesn’t matter the year or month, there is always some guru that promises they can time the market. First, they called it market timing, then there was Gann and Elliott and now it’s neural networks and expert systems. Stop trying to predict the market and maybe you will make some money.

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