Merrill Lynch Invite Shows the Nonsense

View Invitation to Merrill Lynch Event.

Merrill Lynch tells us:

  • What happened? What next?

  • Forecast for 2002.

  • When will the recession end?

  • What do I do now?

  • What are the factors of a good stock market?

  • How did this bear market compare to others?

  • Seating is limited.

Merrill will now offer, “What to do now?” What did Merrill offer to do before?

How big was the financial settlement Merrill Lynch just paid out?

What was it for? Selling ‘dog’ IPOs and other analyst type nonsense?

They flat out ripped people off.

The link above is one amazing piece of promotional literature. Merrill Lynch seems to assume most investors are brain-dead simpletons with short-term memory loss. If Merrill had no clue for the last 5 years, why would they assume anyone would believe their 2002 forecast?

Everybody gets what they want.

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