Trading Gurus Bring People to the Markets–But You Need More for Success

The following market players/strategies bring people into the market:

  • Ken Roberts
  • Advanced Get
  • Elliott Wave
  • Fibonacci
  • Jake Bernstein
  • Optionetics
  • Teach Me to Trade
  • James Dicks
  • Welles Wilder

Successful trading is more than just entry and exit. The market players above serve to bring many new people into the market, once again that is good, but accessing our specialized money management rules and systems can enhance whatever trading base you already have.

W.D. Gann Is An Example of What Not to Do:

At heart, Gann’s advanced methods are essentially numerology. Numbers drawn around a “magic square” and various geometrical lines drawn on charts called “Gann Fans” which are drawn at numerologically important angles, cycles, “Gann numbers”, astrology, biblical predictions and even the Great Pyramid of Cheops are part of his wide variety of techniques. Many of these techniques originally worked with little gadgets that mechanically calculated these “important” numbers. Little wheels and puzzles, you would dial up the present market levels in it and the pointer would show the various Gann numbers as output. To the best of my knowledge this represents the first historically documented case of a professional trading guru marketing a dodgy black box trading package. The workings of these devices was obvious enough, you would turn the dial and there is the answer, however how Gann never came up with any sort of evidence as to how he found his algorithms, he seems to be the L. Ron Hubbard of futures trading, presenting his “research” as a fait accompli and never subjecting it to any form of scrutiny.

Trend Following Products

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Michael Covel Trend Following Products
Michael Covel Trend Following Products