In Reality there is not a Trading Secrets Holy Grail

Traders and investors have always dreamed of magical formulas or Holy Grails enabling them to beat the market and reap huge profits. Pursuing Holy Grails only ends in disaster. For example, among the junk you will find out there: Black boxes or secretive computer systems where the rules are hidden. Black box systems lose in the real world. They are useless. The absolute key is a proper overall education.

trading secrets
Is there really an Holy Grail that unleashes the Secret of Trading?

What do we consider Holy Grails?

  • CNBC, Cramer, Bartiromo, Faber, etc.
  • Every infomercial running late night.
  • Books about Warren Buffett.
  • Ken Roberts.
  • Brokers.
  • Fundamentals
  • The list can go on and on…

If you are here thinking trend following is some trading secret, please exit now. If you are here seeking a pitchman pretending to be your market hero, again wrong web site. All that said, we still have people come to this site in search of the trend following (or Turtle system) secret. If you want the quick fix, the instant profit landfall or the insider’s tip, no one can help you. Clearly, some would just rather have illusions than reality.

What is reality? Great trend following systems use rules, logic, parameters, methods, processes, formulas, data, and research. You will not find the Holy Grail here.

  • Hard work, sustained concentration, and drive are the so-called secrets
  • No one can predict the future.
  • If you can take the would-be, could-be, should-be out of life and look at what actually is, you have a big advantage over most human beings.
  • What matters can be measured, so keep refining your measurements.
  • Prices can only move up, down, or sideways.
  • Losses are a part of life.

Some Turtles won big. Some lost big. Why?

People of the Lie

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