Trend Following v. Jim Cramer and Mad Money

An email was received here the other day from the President of a large trend following trading firm with well over $1B USD in assets under management. He said:

My mom just told me I should listen to Jim Cramer’s Mad Money. Unbelievable.

We have seen this with friends and family too. For many people, even if they know better, they simply can’t stop taking the “easy road”. They must try and get rich quick. And for some the easy road of “getting rich quick” involves watching Jim scream like a mad man on TV. What’s really bad about a show like Cramer’s? Some people get what they deserve as they are the get rich quickers and enjoy gambling. Unfortunately, some people just don’t know better and assume that if a major network is broadcasting a TV show it must be valid. There will always be an educational role for us as long as a show like Cramer’s is on the air!

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