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Review excerpt from David Penn,a staff writer for STOCKS & COMMODITIES Magazine:

While is obviously devoted to trend following, what makes the method work is not the genius of the website developers, nor the genius of Richard Dennis or other traders identified with turtle trading. In some ways, the secrecy to which many original turtles were sworn has confused the issue of turtle trading, making the methodology seem more clandestine and complex than it really is, while providing an unfortunate platform for less scrupulous promoters to offer the secret of turtle trading to aspiring, yet unsuspecting, traders. As one of the administrators of suggested in e-mail, all Turtle trading amounts to, in the end, is trend-following. Indeed, there were successful trend-followers long before Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt’s turtle trading experiment, according to that administrator: ‘To some degree, we see the question as a continuation of the secrecy hype first revealed in Schwager’s books. Great books, indeed, but the secrecy part of turtles and trend following was misleading…Given that so many other trend-followers were kicking butt at the same time of the turtles’ creation…turtle trend-following is not a secret. It simply takes proper teaching.’ And that is good news for all of us.

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Michael Covel Trend Following Products

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