Paul Tudor Jones: Top Market Wizards Trader

Paul Tudor Jones gives insight into when he first got interested in the markets. Excerpt from The Market Wizards by Jack Schwager:

Q. When did you first get interested in trading?
A. When I was in college I read an article on Richard Dennis, which made a big impression on me. I thought that Dennis had the greatest job in the world. I already had an appreciation for trading because my uncle, Billy Dunavant, was a very successful cotton trader. In 1976, after I finished college, I went to my uncle and asked him if he could help me get started as a trader. he sent me to Eli Tullis, a famous cotton trader, who lived in New Orleans. Eli is the best trader I know, he told me. I went down to see Eli and he offered me a job on the floor of the New York Cotton Exchange.

Paul Tudor Jones was originally profiled in the Market Wizards. His former #2 man is Peter Borish.

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