Curtis Faith: Feedback from Reader

“Curtis was a very personable guy. I liked him. He interviewed me for an hour or so and we chatted about all manner of things. He said that he invested in Space technology. Things that costed millions. Sounded good and who was I to question whether it was true or not? I said to him that obviously he was very successful, me thinking he was worth millions, and he said that he had had all the toys, the Porsche and boat etc and I asked him how he spent money on things like hotels etc. He said that he chose based on value for money. We then went on to discuss about trading system and we discussed the fact that we could get all manner of results out of our systems, depending on the settings. I was on St Thomas for a week and I went into the office a couple of times and Curtis always seemed hard at it, programming etc. During one of my visits, I think the trader there at the time was Jason (but I could be wrong!) Husbands, anyway, whoever it was, received a signal on whatever trading software they were using. There was then a discussion between Curtis and the trader about whether he should take it long or short. Curtis said that last time he had got it wrong. They were both looking at a graph….I think it was a weekly snapshot…and I asked if I could see a 2 year graph, which they brought up. It looked like a long term long to me….so I was a bit surprised that Curtis and the trader were trying to guess the direction. I got a nervous feeling. I didn’t have any kind of system myself really, but I thought I understood enough to know that I was trying to capture a longer term move, than they were. It was at that point that I decided I was going to go it alone. I figured that hearing things that I thought were wrong, would only frustrate me. I visited them just after one of their Masters courses and there was an English guy there, who had been on the course. He interviewed me before Curtis. He was from Liverpool. I can’t remember his name. I wasn’t impressed with him. He kept forgetting what I had said 2 minutes earlier, to him. Anyway, it was his birthday whilst I was there and it seems that although he was working for XXX, he wasn’t being paid. That’s the impression I got…but I might be wrong. Anyway, at the bar after work, Curtis gave him some money, maybe $30 to take his wife out for a meal.”

Recollection from reader about meeting Curtis Faith in 2003

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