Holy Grails: Curtis Michael Faith Case Study

Curtis Michael Faith Arrest

Curtis Michael Faith Second Arrest

In the last few years Curtis Michael Faith has been arrested multiple times (see above), but just a few years back he was making predictions. Faith declared Friday November 12, 2010 at 09:52 AM PST:

Starting Wednesday this week, I posted the message below the line to my Twitter, StockTwits, Facebook and LinkedIn Connections as well as via email to my closest friends and on my blog. I can’t exactly explain why but I feel even worse at the gut level about the markets right now. This is one of those intuitions that advise caution that I wrote about in Trading from Your Gut. They only come every few years and today was the strongest feeling I’ve ever had. We might even see a test of the post crash lows of 670 again before the market comes back. In short, be careful and keep your stops tight would be my advice. If you are not at least an expert amateur trader I’d get out and get to safe cash investments. You can always get back in in a few weeks or months if things stabilize and the risk goes down.


P.S. I didn’t warn my larger groups of friends the last time and I really wish I had. So this time I wanted to make a concerted effort to reach out to my blog readers. The market may do fine. This is not a prediction of decline. It is a statement that if there is a decline, it could get ugly very quickly. Use great caution over the next few days or weeks!

Before that “prediction” the real Curtis Faith insights (from a magazine article in 2007) were out:

Over the years, however, the Turtle legend has been misconstrued and exploited…Curtis Faith, whose recent book…leverages off his alleged status as the most successful Dennis disciple, supposedly made $31.5 million in four years. If that’s true, though, he would have made that money for Dennis. Furthermore, Faith, who “retired” at age 24, wound up running an online company selling Dennis’s secrets (you too can trend-follow like a Turtle for just $29.95!) and at one point was rumored to have gone belly-up. Faith even commented on his money woes a few years ago in an online posting: “I have had several periods in the last several years where I was very, very low on cash, but that’s not the same thing as being broke.” He did silently back a small fund a few years ago; it was recently investigated by the CFTC and is now shuttered.

Now in 2015 Curtis Michael Faith also wants Taylor Swift to be President:

Curtis Michael Faith Wants Taylor Swift to be President

More information: Curtis Michael Faith.

Curtis Michael Faith Mugshot
Curtis Michael Faith Mugshot