Curtis Faith: Cash Flow Issues

From: Curtis Faith
To: [Name]
Sent: Monday, October 13, 2003 11:41 AM
Subject: RE: Payment

[Name], I haven’t been intentionally avoiding your emails. I didn’t get the earliest email you quote below. This may have been sent when we were getting over 500 emails a day due to the virus SPAM in early September, I don’t know. With regard to the email of October 1, I am guilty of optimistically thinking that better news would be around the corner, however. I was expecting to get some sales due to increased exposure from the new Demo version. We’ve only had one sale in the last month. Sales in August were very slow as well, I think we had three. I thought this was due to the summer holiday. This doesn’t even begin to cover basic expenses. So I am sorry but don’t have the money. I was waiting for the demo to be released in mid September but Howard took a few weeks longer to finish the manual than I expected. The demo hasn’t resulted in any increased sales. I am working on a few more money making efforts that I expect will bring in money in the next month or so but until they do I can’t pay you. I also can’t eat without this changing so believe me this is a problem that I am working on very diligently. The 1.5 version of VeriTrader will be out soon with several new systems so I think that will help. Again, I wish I had better news. – Curtis

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